Knuckle Rackets

The Knuckle Racket is currently being used as a work out tool. To develop hand eye coordination while giving you an intense workout. Its fun and every user gives me great feedback. I am currently looking for investors to help ...

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The Stimulating Pacifier | Monica H.Thomas

The use of the Stimulating Pacifier *** Comfort and Distracts a child dealing with the teething process in a manner which is quick, easy and effective !

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Artificial worm for weight loss

Many people possess unlimited appetite or the wrong metabolism that leads to obesity. Still, the solution of this question is found in the field of surgery – reduction of volume of a stomach that, as well as any operation, has ...

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at a party or reception, fill several glasses is a problem and causing the chaos by spill drinks. it is a kind of tray with a series of funnels. this tray is placed on the glasses. the glasses are filled ...

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What problem does your idea address? Earphones have delicate wires and tend to break easy when storing and retrieving from storage. The wires also get tangled very easy when you put them into storage and it is very hard to ...

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handles for flower pot.

this a kind of belt with two handles. this belt is elastic to suit all diameters pots. this way we can move our flower pots around the house. transported without damaging the plants.

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--it adapts to handle: brooms, shovels, rakes ............ --easy installation. --it can be used in the house, the garden, on the building site ............

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| by jamel |      Tunisia

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Alleviate excessive pressure on the wrist joint during controlled press motions with WristSpotter.

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Electric tool displays the percentage of body fat

It has to work together with scales. The person, rising on scales, will have to touch electric contact of the device, without being put thus at risk to receive blow current. It will be possible in other option, to be ...

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